This is a beautiful play by Clint Dempsey. Notice:

  1. Before the ball gets to him he’s already positioning his body to pivot away from the defender.
  2. Even at age 34 he still has the quickness of feet to juke the second defender.
  3. As soon as he’s past that guy he sees that Altidore is making a run, and that if he doesn’t pass it immediately Jozy will probably be offside.
  4. So he snaps off a quick rolling pass which is so perfectly weighted that Altidore has to run all-out to get to it — but that run takes him away from the defender and gets him to the ball before the keeper. It’s not the easiest of finishes for Jozy, but Dempsey has perfectly set him up for success.

There are two American players with the vision and technique to pull off a play like this: Dempsey and Christian Pulisic. The USMNT desperately needs a few more such players, but where they’re going to come from I have no idea.

2 Replies to “Deuce”

  1. This was a great play, but I fell in love with that cheeky near post free kick goal. Dempsey starts to celebrate before the first bounce of the ball!

    1. Good point! — and congrats, Elliott, on being the first Pacey Winger commentator. Your prize is in the mail!

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