How to make the Premier League more exciting

Here’s my proposal: At the end of every Premier League season, after promotion and relegation have been decided, lots will be drawn to choose one (1) manager from the top five (5) of the league to change places with one (1) manager from the bottom five (5) for the course of the upcoming season.

Further details:

    • The “bottom five” shall be deemed to include the two (2) lowest-finishing holdovers from the just-completed season plus the three (3) newly-promoted sides.
    • Neither manager can be fired during the course of the season.
    • At the end of the season, the two exchanged managers will return to their former clubs and will be thereafter ineligible for further “loans.”
    • Should either team finish in either the top or bottom five, then the sixth-best or sixth-worst club, as needed, will fill our the two Groups of Five.

Had this proposal been in place last May, we could now be looking forward to a season with Neil Warnock in charge of Man City and Pep Guardiola in charge of Cardiff. Or Jose Mourinho at West Ham and Manuel Pelligrini at Man Utd.

Through this little experiment we would learn at least a bit about just how important managers are to the success of football clubs.

Perhaps, if this experiment proved to be successful, we could extend it to lower leagues. I’d love to see what Pep could do with Scunthorpe United.