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After an excellent win at Derby County, Fulham are in fourth place in the Championship, and stand a very good chance indeed of being part of the promotion-playoff at the end of the season. If they get promoted, then there is at least a chance for them to keep Ryan Sessegnon; if they don’t, then they’ll probably sell Sessegnon for a hefty fee, which, invested in the right players, could lead to a promotion the following year. So all in all, things are looking up for FFC — and I really want, one way or another, to see the kid in the Premier League. 

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  1. I KNEW you hadn’t given up on following Fulham! After an iffy start, this has the potential to be a special season – the best in ten years at least.

    And, yes, Sess is otherworldly. Fully deserving of a) a spot on the England squad and b) Premier-level recognition. I just hope we, as Fulham fans, get the privilege of being along for the ride.

    More than his technical skills or raw athleticism, it’s his instincts and pitch-awareness that make him so special. He’s like a soccer Draymond Green in that respect. I hope I get to see what he and a healthy Tom Cairney could do together.

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