my only hope …

… for Arsenal’s season now is simply that they end up with no European football next season. That they fall below Burnley in the PL standings and fail to win the Europa League. Should that happen, Wenger might — might — be talked into retiring, and then the new manager would be able to spend next season focusing on the league and domestic cups. 

That’s my hope. My fear is that Arsenal will just barely squeeze into European football for another year and that Wenger will consider that, plus making the semis of the Europa League, a justification for returning for one final year — which will simply postpone the reckoning that the club desperately needs to make. 

In short: I’d prefer pain now and possibilities later. So I will do my best to root for Newcastle tomorrow morning, and Atleti at the end of the month. (I doubt whether I’ll be able to achieve it — but I’ll try.)