Southgate’s moment

I wrote this to my friend Adam Roberts this morning

As extra time drew on, I really didn’t think England were in any danger — and then that Uribe shot out of nowhere that Pickford just tipped away, and I thought: No. It can’t be happening, can it? So when Colombia equalized I simply knew it was headed for penalties and then of course we know what happens then….

Like you, I’m thinking much of Southgate, who seems such a grounded, solid guy, and who handles his penalty infamy with absolute class, neither denying the way it has marked him nor allowing it to ruin him. I think if I were him I would’ve reacted to Dier’s winning penalty by going into full Psychotic Stuart Pearce Mode. And for Pearce the trough between miserable failure and glorious success was only six years….

Not that Southgate was stoic, of course: