Moving House

Friends, I just don’t post often enough here to justify having a blog devoted to soccer. Better for me to simplify my life and to publish my foot posts at my main blog. I’m needing to simplify my online life anyway. Cheers! This one will stay up for a while but I won’t renew the domain name the next time it’s due, so all these posts will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. (Well, except that I have them on my hard drive.)

Return of the Winger

Friends: it has been a year and a day since my last publication to this here site. What have I been doing all that time?

Well, aside from work and family and stuff like that, I have been attempting to convince myself that I am not an Arsenal supporter. I have pursued this goal with energy and intelligence, and with a steely determination. I am here to announce that I have failed to achieve this goal. I am an Arsenal supporter. 

I am an Arsenal supporter. 


There, I’ve said it. No going back now. 

I will by no means write exclusively about Arsenal here, though the two most common topics will surely be the adventures (or misadventures, more like) of Arsenal and the USMNT. In relation to that first topic, I am struggling to reckon with a feeling I haven’t had in a very long time. I think the common name for it is hope.

I don’t hope for Arsenal to win the league. But I do believe that they stand a very good chance of being better than they were last season — possibly a good deal better. That will depend largely on the health of their defenders and whether they learn to operate in harmonious conjunction with one another. It could all go pear-shaped soon enough … but nevertheless … I hope. 

More soon.