the inevitable

I speak here not as an Arsenal supporter, mind you, but simply as an interested observer of the Premier League. Here are the facts:

  • Several of Arsenal’s chief rivals dropped points yesterday;
  • Arsenal have an excellent chance to make up ground, since they are playing an inferior club;
  • But Arsenal never make up points when they have a chance to;
  • And Burnley is a very tough opponent to break down, especially at Turf Moor.

Therefore a draw is inevitable. The question is, what kind of draw?

The dreary 0-0?

A piece of clownshoes defending by Arsenal leading to an early Burnley goal, followed by 80 minutes of the Gunners pounding on the goal’s door, which finally yields a Giroud header in the 89th minute?

A brilliant early goal for the visitors, total dominance throughout the match leading to no further goals, and a late equalizer by Burnley on a poorly-defended set piece?

I’m gonna go with number 2.