Turkey Striker

One of the oddities — to these American ears — of British football commentary is how players are described who play for their national teams. Jordan Henderson is not an English international but an England international; Seamus Coleman not an Irish defender but an Ireland defender. The usage makes sense, because it makes an important distinction: between players who come from a certain country (who are be English, Irish, etc.) and players who belong to their country’s selección

Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but snicker when, a few minutes ago in this Merseyside derby I’m watching, Arlo White referred to Cenk Tosun as “the Turkey striker.” As if it’s not already hard enough being a turkey. 

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  1. On a mostly unrelated note, England is going to miss having James Milner on their World Cup side. One of the most versatile and useful players in the EPL. Love watching him play.

    1. I love Milner. One of my all-time favorite English players, and more technical than he’s usually given credit for being.

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