We Have to Talk About Christian

How good is Christian Pulisic? More to the immediate point, how good will be be for Chelsea? The crew at The Ringer collectively have him down for around 10 goals and 10 assists. Well … only six players reached double figures in assists in the PL last season, and the only ones to reach double figures in goals and assists were Sterling and Sané. Do we really think that a guy who couldn’t regularly crack the starting lineup at Dortmund will be in that class in the PL? I have my doubts.

It’s not so much that Pulisic couldn’t beat out Jadon Sancho — Sancho is brilliant, and I am confident that within a very few years he will be one of the ten best players in the world — but that Lucien Favre found no other place for him. Pulisic is an attacking midfielder who couldn’t make himself the first choice on the right, on the left, or in the middle. Top be sure, Dortmund has a lot of attacking talent, but I just don’t think that recent history does much to encourage the belief that Pulisic will be a double-double guy for Chelsea, at least this coming season.

Pulisic is of course really good, but there’s an enormous amount of competition in the PL. I wouldn’t be surprised if he topped out at, say, where Jack Grealish is now: one of the best players on a lower-tier PL or upper-tier Championship side. But of course I hope for far more.

My prediction for this coming season: 3 goals, 7 assists. I hope I’m selling him short.